Memento Container Translations Type

    NAME_EMPTY: 'Name must be a full name',
    NAME_TOO_LONG: 'Name is too long',
    FIRST_NAME_TOO_LONG: 'First name is too long',
    LAST_NAME_TOO_LONG: 'Last name is too long',
    FIRST_NAME_INVALID: 'First name is invalid',
    LAST_NAME_INVALID: 'Last name is invalid',
      'You have not reached the age limit which is 18 years old',
    DATE_EMPTY: 'Please enter your date of birth',
    SMS_RESENT: 'New sms code has been sent',
      'You must agree to the Marygold & Co. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy',
    INVALID_PHONENUMBER: 'Invalid phone number',
    SIGN_IN: {
      INCORRECT_PIN: 'Incorrect PIN',
    FAILED_TO_OPEN_EMAIL_CLIENT: 'Failed to open email client',
    DIFFERENT_PINS_ERROR: "Pins don't match, please try again",
    APP_PIN_UPDATED: 'App PIN has been updated',
  ERROR: {
    UPDATING_USER: 'Error updating current user',
    GETTING_CURRENT_USER: 'Error getting current user',
    UPLOADING_IMAGE: 'Error uploading image',
    CHECKING_FOR_BIOMETRICS_SUPPORT: 'Error checking for biometrics support',
    AUTHENTICATING_WITH_BIOMETRICS: 'Error authenticating with biometrics',
    RESENDING_SMS: 'Error resending sms code',
    CREATE_EMAIL: 'Error creating email',
    CREATE_SMS: 'Invalid SMS code',
    GETTING_DEVICE_INFO: 'Error getting device info',
    SIGNING_IN: 'Error signing in',
    TOKEN_EXPIRED: 'Token Expired',
    USER_LOCKED: 'User Is Locked',
    GENERIC: 'Error',
    UNKNOWN: 'Unkown Error',
    INVALID_PHONENUMBER: 'Invalid Phone Number',
    CALL_FAILED: 'Error opening call option',
    MISSING_EMAIL: 'Please fill out email field',
    UNVERIFIED_EMAIL: 'Error verifying email',
    PARSING_CARD_DATA: 'Error parsing card data',
    CARD_DETAILS_CARD_IS_FROZEN: 'Card is frozen. Card details are not available.',
    CONTINUE: 'Continue',
    DONE: 'Done',
    CANCEL: 'Cancel',
  AUTH: {
      GREETING: {
        EVENING: 'Good evening',
        AFTERNOON: 'Good afternoon',
        MORNING: 'Good morning',