Signup Translations Type

    SIGN_UP: {
        ONBOARDING: {
            PRN: {
                TITLE: 'Link your payment card to your account',
                'To use your excisting card you need to insert the cards PRN number',
                PRN_RULES: '%s digit code',
                'Your card PRN number is located on the back side of your card in the bottom left corner',
                HOW_TO_LOCATE: 'How do I locate my PRN number?',
            EMAIL: {
                LABEL: 'Email',
                I_AGREE: 'I agree to have read ',
                TERMS: {
                    TITLE: 'Terms of Use',
                    URL: '',
                PRIVACY_POLICY: {
                    TITLE: 'Privacy Policy',
                    URL: '',
                TITLE: 'Enter your email address',
                AND: 'and',
                'I would like to receive marketing communications related to special offers, or promotions.',
                VERIFY_EMAIL: 'Verify your Email',
                EMAIL_SENT: 'Email has been sent',
                EMAIL_VERIFIED: 'Email has been verified',
                VERIFIED: 'Verified',
        SMS_CODE: {
            TITLE: 'Enter code sent to your phone',
            RESEND_SMSCODE_IN: 'in',
            RESEND_SMSCODE: 'Resend verification code by SMS',
            SENT_TO_PHONENUMBER: 'We sent it to the number',
        PIN: {
            SET_YOUR_APP_PIN: 'Create App Passcode',
            CONFIRM_APP_PIN: 'Confirm App Passcode',
            SET_YOUR_CARD_PIN: 'Set your Card PIN',
            CONFIRM_CARD_PIN: 'Confirm your Card PIN',
                'Please remember the passcode as it will be required for confirming important oprations and logging into the app.',
        BIOMETRICS: {
            INSTRUCTIONS: {
                USE_FACEID: 'Face ID Verification',
                USE_TOUCHID: 'TouchID Verification',
                INFO: ' Use Face ID instead of passcode to log in. It’s fast and secure',
            ENABLE_FACEID: 'Enable Face ID',
            ENABLE_TOUCHID: 'Use Touch ID',
            DONT_USE_BIOAUTHENTICATION: 'Not now',
            TITLE: 'Personal Details',
            INPUT_TITLE: {
                FIRST_NAME: 'First name',
                LAST_NAME: 'Last name',
                DATE_OF_BIRTH: 'Date of Birth',
            DATE_PICKER: {
                CANCEL: 'Cancel',
                CONFIRM: 'Confirm',
            TITLE: 'Shipping address',
            CITY: 'City',
            ADDRESS: 'Address',
            SECOND_ADDRESS: 'Address line 2 (optional)',
            POSTAL_CODE: 'Postal code',
        SETUP_ACCOUNT: {
            TITLE_PREFIX: 'Awsome',
            TITLE_POSTFIX: 'You are all set',
            TEXT: 'Give us a few seconds while we configure your account.',