White-label app powered by Memento

Memento offers a pre-built card wallet application written in React-Native that can be customized to match a business's branding. This out-of-the-box solution saves businesses the time and cost of developing their own card wallet application from scratch. The Memento application's user interface and user experience are split into modules, which can be edited at the source code level. This allows businesses to add, delete, or replace modules within their own organization or development team. The app can be run on a separate back-end to support new features, giving businesses the flexibility to add new functionality as needed.

The Memento card wallet application includes sign-up and sign-in flows, card management, transaction list, settings, account security, and more. It also includes support for preferred fonts, auto-lock security, biometrics, dark and light mode, language configurations, and more. The app is powered by Memento's custom React-Native software development kit (SDK), which ensures that the app is secure and scalable. Memento is not responsible for publishing the app to app stores but can assist businesses in publishing the app themselves or through a third-party service provider.